The Dami family project begun in 1996 to satisfy an increasing desire: to complete a journey which had been for many generations an important protagonist in footwear, especially in shoe components and leathers.

Dami, with its renewed and unique style has in just few years conquered an important place in the global window of luxury and trend. Infact the company represents a fascinating union of the traditional Tuscan artisan footwear and the exoticsm of a product exclusively realized with leather obtained from high quality crocodiles and alligator from Australia and Africa.

A unique combination which makes Dami brand a guarantee to those who choose to be fashionable without losing one’s personality. Shoes for men and women, bags, belts, wallets and other accessories are craftmade, according to antique and valuable methods which have made Tuscany the cradle of art, creativity and quality.

Brand Dami

The Dami brand represents the true traditional Italian footwear in which all models of the collection are timeless classicals, made with attention and care that only artisan footwear experts are able to guarantee.

The meticulous attention which is given to the high quality of the product and the selection of materials have made of this brand name a guarantee of artisan exclusivity.

Thought for those who are looking for an exclusive and unique style in crocodile leather and, at the same time sober in form and design.


Craftsmanship, innovation and evolution of style are essential components of the brand dami. The collections are entirely made in Tuscany, according to the ancient criteria of shoe handmade craftsmanship.

High-quality materials and workmanship, research of new finishing and creativity make a product appreciated by people looking for beauty, loyal and accurate to fashion style and its development.


Production of shoes is made using crocodile or alligator skins only which, after careful selection, are subject to exclusive and various tanning processes, depending on the type of footwear.

The accurate care of details and stylistic research make the shoes unique, keeping enclosed the knowledge and craftsmanship of Tuscan master cobbler.